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At Six Words, we consult, advise, and strategize with Business and HR leaders to simplify the complexities of people leadership, employee engagement and business planning.   We bring these ideas together to validate that people are an integral part of all successful businesses. 


Six simple words are a reminder that “You can’t do it without People”


Businesses evolve and the dynamics of the workforce changes, but there will be a continual need for leaders within organizations to demonstrate their commitment to people.  The need to hire, train and retain talent is more real today than ever before. 


It's no longer about managing people as processes.  It's about providing the leadership which will enable employees to feel a valued part of the business, therefore building their engagement and contributions, leading to long term business growth.  

All it takes is Six Words!



Sharon Ramalho, founder of Six Words, Inc., is a 30 year Business, Operations and HR professional and has embarked on a new chapter of her professional journey.


She shares her business expertise and experiences, through speaking engagements and consulting services, to assist companies and its leaders in achieving their full potential. Sharon's successful approach to business starts with robust planning across the most important and impactful strategies needed to grow a business.

Sharon enjoyed a long, diverse and award-winning career for McDonald's Restaurants, both in Canada and across Europe.  Her career spanned across 7 McDonald's markets, including Canada, Russia, Hungary and Scandinavia. One of her biggest achievements was being a part of the team which built the business in Russia.   Living and working in Russia over a 10 year period, gave her added insights into the global marketplace and the economics needed to build long term business growth. 

Sharon's career was as diverse as they come.  Her portfolio of roles included Operations, People Resources, Learning & Development, Marketing, and General Management, as well Sharon was a champion and role model for Women's Leadership at McDonald's.

With her Operations and Business experience in-hand, Sharon rose to Senior Vice-President and Chief People Officer for McDonald's Canada, proudly providing executive leadership for over 90,000 corporate staff, franchisees and restaurant employees.

Sharon enjoys this next stage of her adventure by travelling, hiking and helping others achieve their goals through her participation in various mentoring programs, speaking engagements and consulting assignments.

By creating Six Words, Sharon is able to share her expertise and real life experiences, which can support business and People initiatives in a simple, yet meaningful way.





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"Sharon embraced all of her roles with her own special brand of enthusiasm and contagious passion for the business. She was an important part of the acceleration of our People programs and business practices across Canada and Russia.  She was a pleasure to work with for many years."

"Sharon was a founding member of the Canadian chapter of McDonald's Women's Leadership Network. She was a champion and role model who always demonstrated successful diversity and inclusion leadership behaviors. The success of the "McDonald's Global Women's Leadership Network" was clearly a result of Sharon's leadership in Canada. It's a testament to her ability to work in an effective and inspiring way that motivated others!"

Patricia Harris - Global Chief Diversity Officer (Retired)

McDonald's Corporation



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